First Thrifting Post.

Well, today was supposed to be “Clean-my-house-Thursday” … but instead, because of my anxious mood and my need to escape the house, today became “Thrifty Thursday” (which sounds so much better anyway). My procrastination in figuring out whether I would spend the day cleaning or thrift store shopping really cut into my shopping time … so I was only able to shop 2 different Goodwill stores.

Furthermore, my anxious mood (brooding over a particular personal situation that needs resolving) really threw me off my normally therapeutic and gainful thrifting experience. So, today was not as bountiful as usual. BUT, I did get some amazing vintage kids books. And I just LOVE vintage kids books! I have built up quite the collection now but just can’t seem to get enough.

Here are some of today’s goodies – not all – but some:

This one, “The Cat and the Devil”, is particularly interesting. I had no idea that James Joyce wrote a children’s book. Apparently it is quite rare. I spotted one on Ebay with an asking price of $100 and can’t seem to find it anywhere else. I am not sure whether I am going to sell it or not. It is a fun story … with the devil speaking French that is translated into English in footnotes.

I also found a beautifully illustrated version of the “Goblin Market”. I may list this on Etsy for some Waldorfers. It is lovely.

And this one, “The Creepy Castle”, is a keeper. It is simply darling! No words … the simple but gorgeous illustrations, along with “interactive” flip-the-page action sequences make for a sweet, imaginative story. I just love it!

So, that was a sampling of my humble thrifting for today. Tomorrow we are likely to be snowed-in so it looks like it will become “Clean-my-House-Friday”, though I am sure that I rather it were something else entirely…. like, “Win-the-Lottery-Friday” or “Fly-to-Paris-Friday” or “Receive-Day-Long-Back-Massage-From-Husband-Friday” … or maybe even “Hire-A-Maid-Friday”.

Enjoy your day.



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