Sick Day.

My poor little man wasn’t feeling well today. High temp, cough, watery eyes, etc. He and his dog just laid in bed watching movies for half the day and then slept through the other half.

I guess that I haven’t been a Mom long enough to be assured that my son will be just fine … and that his high temperature is his body’s attempt to heal itself … because I get so anxious and emotional when he is not feeling well. I pace, I check his temp constantly, I watch his breathing as he sleeps, I get all weepy … I just become a nervous wreck. So, by the time that my husband gets home from work, he has to take care of BOTH Isaac and I!

In the midst of our sick day, I was able to get a few more “recycled pirate” shirts started. Here is one:

Hopefully I will finish up a bunch of them tomorrow and finally begin putting them on Etsy (For you, Melissa) . Beware, I think I am going to be flowing with this pirate theme for a while. These skulls just look so cool on everything.

And speaking of pirates… in the interest of education (we are a homeschooling family after all)… here are some links to fun and informative pirate sites. Click on this first link in order to create your own pirate name… (just in case you didn’t already have one)…

Enjoy. I mean…arggghhhh…


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