Spring Lamb.

I am a little sad about not finding the time to blog yesterday. I have no idea if anyone is actually reading this new blog … but I love typing up a few lines about our day … it feels like therapy.

With that said … I don’t have much to say about today. Lots of spring cleaning going on around here to prepare for my son’s birthday party this weekend. We are expecting about 30 people in our tiny little home, so we are moving furniture around to accomodate everyone, etc…etc… I will be excited to have everyone here. But I am sure that I will be a little choked up that my baby is already 2 … and I have only had him home with me for 10 months. It feels like I missed out on so much “baby” stuff. But I am thankful for every moment spent with him!

Here he is wearing a thrifted jacket of our favorite team (surrounded by a mess he made in the living room) …

Oh, and this weekend I picked up a sweet little handmade lamb at our local auction house. She was only $1 and made of vintage fabrics (or maybe she just IS vintage). After I bought it, I couldn’t wait to share it here. I just LOVE it. My best friends think it is ugly … but I honestly can’t remember being so smitten with a stuffed toy.

She is so clean and well sewn. Any opinions? Name ideas? Any patterns out there for similar stuffies? I would love to make some like this.



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