My “Haitian Sensation’s” First Modeling Gig.

Thanks to my Awesome Cousin Nicole, my gorgeous son has broken into the modeling world. But we promise not to let it go to his head. And we will still encourage him to go to college 🙂

My cousin Nic works as a graphic designer for First Orlando Baptist Church. She is incredibly talented and is called upon to do all sorts of fun and interesting projects for the church. Nic can set me straight, but I am fairly certain that she is responsible for their well-designed, fully interactive website (at least in part). Recently she called upon me to submit some of my photos of Isaac for possible use in a postcard project she was working on. I submitted several that I thought would work for her, and some that I didn’t think she could use but wanted to send anyway … just in case. Well, she chose to use a photo that I was sure she wouldn’t be interested in (isn’t that how it always goes). And we both couldn’t be happier about it. As you can see, they turned out lovely.
Thank you Cousin.
P.S. Please check out Nicole’s website. She and her wonderful husband Murry are in the process of adopting a child. They have created a blog to chronicle their journey. We are so happy (and anxious) for them. Take a look 🙂
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