A Weekend of Sewing.

Yesterday, I enjoyed my very first day – home alone – since Isaac came home to us one and a half years ago. And I cried. Yes, I cried. I cried as my husband was driving off with him and Meaghan. I cried because I don’t “do this”. I don’t take time away from my son. I have a sort of PTSD that surrounds his adoption, and it is a RARE occasion that I am away from him. In fact, the only time that I ever “let” someone drive off with him was the day of my parents’ house fire. And I think that was because I was in shock.

But it was good to do this this weekend. We all needed it. Daddy needed to spend some time alone with Isaac and Meg. Isaac needs Daddy big time right now., as he hasn’t seen him much lately. Mommy needs to learn to trust others (especially Daddy) with her baby. And Meg needed some one-on-one time with Halis. And God knows I needed to Sew!!!

So, after eating a handful of chocolate chips, and drinking two cups of potent coffee (the chocolate helped the tears to go away and the caffeine helped my motivation) … I created the following:

Two pillows for the reading room in my new home …

A penguin scarf and matching wrist wallet for my niece :

A simple, lined wristlet bag for Isaac to carry his toy cars in:

A purse for my Sister-in-Law :

And believe it or not, I managed to get one quilt near completion, and one other started! Gotta love caffeine 🙂 Oh, and I also managed to package up at least 35 items that I recently sold on Ebay. I am telling you – when the babe’s away … the Mom will play. I am SO going to do this again!



P.S. My absolute favorite completed project is the Mr. Rogers pillow. He is such a hero of mine and I just love the way it turned out. I look forward to using it in my new house.

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