Lovin’ the New Bag.

I am loving this new bag I made. Though it may look similar to many of the bags I have made in the past, it is actually quite different. I love the way the long shoulder strap slides through the shorter “strap” to close the bag. I love the pocket inside. And I love the size … just perfect for a child to carry across their chest (I am thinking this one will make a great bag for Easter egg collecting 🙂

Though the appliques were my idea, the pattern is from Amy Karol’s book: Bend-the-Rules Sewing. I reviewed this book a while back ( I would post the link but can’t locate it right now) … and have completed several projects included within … but this one is a favorite.

The directions required a little “tweeking“, as the pattern sizes must have been misprinted in the book. And though I highly recommend this book for inspiration, it is flawed in its presentation. Basically, as many reviewers have noted, the book needs better editing. BUT, it is still one of my faves … as the projects are sweet, fun & make wonderful templates for expressing your own creativity.

And, Amy created a wonderful Flickr group for sharing photos of the projects people make with her book (I will post these photos to it today 🙂 Lots of inspiration! But even better than that are the discussions that are posted there as well. If and when someone has trouble with one of the patterns, they can get help from someone else … or even from Amy herself. Check it out.

I leave you now with some additional pics of the previously mentioned bag:

If you are using her book as well, please leave a comment about your fave pattern.



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