A Highly Recommended Book:

I bought this sweet book for Isaac before he came home to us. I just new it contained a message that I wanted him to hear over and over again.

Little Raccoon is forever asking his Mom WHEN it is that she loves him the most. Is it when he cleans up his room? Is it when he does well at his swimming lessons? Is it when he can climb a tree very well? And Mother keeps telling him that though she loves when he does all of those things, that is not when she loves him MOST. Finally, after several attempts to find out when it is that Mom loves him most of all, Little Raccoon gets exasperated, and asks, “Is it now?” To which Mother replies, “Yes, it is NOW. Now is the time that I love you most of all. Do you know why? … Because there is no special time. I love you all the time. So, whatever time it happens to be – day or night – that’s the time I love you most Little Raccoon.”

“You mean right now?” asks Little Raccoon.
“Yes, right now,” said his Mother. “It is always right now.”

(Gives me a chill every time I read it 🙂

Though I think this book is great for any child & parent to read together, I especially believe that is is most beneficial to children who were adopted at an older age … and may have some serious doubts as to whether they are truly loved just for being who they are … or whether they have to continue to prove themselves to be lovable. This book speaks to that so well, and can be used as a catalyst for some wonderful discussion. The illustrations contained are sure to keep your child interested … they’re full of whimsy … and the raccoon is so darn cute.

If you are interested in learning more about the book, please click here. And for the sake of full disclosure, if you purchase this book through the link provided, my family will receive a small but useful referral fee.

Thank you & Enjoy!

Jodi Renshaw

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