Young Photographers.

When “Jodi Day Camp” began, I had an idea for the kids to host their own art show to showcase the artistic creations they had worked on throughout the summer. However, everyday that their parents would pick them up from camp, the kids would ultimately show them their work and then take it home. Of course this was fine with me, but I wondered what we could do to still host some sort of end-of-the-summer showcase of their talents. And then … bam … it hit me … photography!

So, the kids and I began our photography journey together right here in my backyard. I gave them a few ideas on how they might want to approach their subjects … talked to them a bit about lighting … and then told them to photograph whatever strikes them as interesting. Each child had their own camera … and even took turns trying out different cameras as well.

Sometimes they all focused on the same subject … and other times they ventured out on their own …
And sometimes they turned the camera onto themselves …

After our trip around the yard, we came in to upload the photos to my computer. I was so delighted at the kids work! Very cool stuff. Some photos we left just as they were, while others we had fun manipulating through Photoshop & Picnik.

Each child is so different in how they approach their subjects, what they choose to photograph, and how they treat the image afterward. Their creativity helps to fuel my own.

If you ever want to see the world through a child’s eye … just give them a camera.

So, we still have more to photograph before our upcoming “Art Show” … and there is matting and framing … and announcements, etc. I will post here as we go along. And as soon as they reveal their work to their parents, I will post some of it here as well. I have a feeling you will all be tickled and inspired by their work.

Love, Jodi

P.S. To see how photography can change lives — check out the movie “Born Into Brothels”.

Jodi Renshaw

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