Good News.

I have great news. Really great news.

As you may remember, I have been quite worried about my son’s BirthFamily in Haiti. After the intense hurricanes and floods that recently devestated much of their country, I had hoped to connect with them to find out how they weathered the storms. My current liason to the family, a wonderful man named Isson, tried to reach them on a couple of occassions only to find that the phone lines were down. It pained me deeply to worry about them. Deeper than I realized … because one day, while talking to a stranger at Borders Bookstore, I went on babbling about my son’s “missing” birthfamily … and began to cry over it right there in the store. I am sure that my raw emotion shocked me as much as it did her … as I had no idea that my fears were that intense … and that close to “the surface” of my subconscious. But such is the nature of the connections that can be formed through adoption. As long as I am Mommy to Isaac (forever), I carry his BioFamily with me.

Well — I am so happy to tell you all that Isson was finally able to connect with them. They are safe and well. Amen! And furthermore, they are going to be travelling to PetionVille this weekend to meet with my very dear friend Shannon — who is travelling there with some of the Haitian Roots team to assist in enrolling several Haitian children into schools — including my son’s biological siblings! Halis and I were able to sponsor Isaac’s biological sibs to attend school in their local community through the Haitian Roots sponsorship program and are thrilled beyond words that they are able to meet with Shannon in order to make this happen.

And because my dear friend Shannon is also an adoptive Mom, (and an incredible human being), she “gets” how huge it is for me that she will have the privilege of meeting with the woman who gave my son life. I hope to one day share this privilege, but until then, I am so thankful that it is Shannon who will hug and kiss her for me … and tell her how much our Isaac is loved. Shannon will also be bringing Marjorie (her name) a photo album of recent pictures of Isaac as well as a gift from our family.

This all means so much to me … it is a journey that has come full circle … as Shannon was the woman who led me to Isaac. Several years ago, while Shannon was visiting Haiti, just before Isaac was born … I asked her to whisper to the wind … to my “Isaac”… that Mommy was going to find him soon … and that we would be together forever. She did. I did. And we are. Of course there is so much more to our adoption story. But Shannon is in nearly all of it. And for her to meet the woman who gave my son life is just incredible to me. It is perfect.

(Halis and I visiting with Shannon in Utah, 2005)

I am SO looking forward to their meeting … I am nearly crawling out of my skin with anticipation. I pray that Marjorie and her family are able to make it safely to the meeting. I pray that they are pleased, content and confident in the life and love that we share with Isaac. I pray that Isaac’s BioSiblings will enjoy a wonderful school year. And I pray that Shannon’s trip to Haiti will be fruitful and inspirational. Amen.


Jodi Renshaw

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