Halloween 2008. (Oh, and another giveaway!)

The Jack-O-Lantern:

The Costume:

The Trick-or-Treating:

The “After-Party”:

Wondering about the “After-Party”? Well, my Dad won us a couple of tickets to Stephen King’s annual Halloween Screening at the local cinema. Every year at Halloween, Stephen and his radio station put on a bit of a party at the Bangor Mall Cinemas. They give out bags of Stephen King treats … some signed copies of his books (if you are lucky) … and some signed memorabilia (if you are very lucky). We were not so lucky … but we did get a couple of fun goody bags … and we’d like to share them with some other Stephen King fans. So, if you would like to win the above pictured goodies, please leave a comment on this post.

Winner will receive the hardcover copy of Four Past Midnight, our ticket to the event, and 3 WKIT pins from Stephen King’s local radio station.

The lucky winner will be randomly chosen at midnight on Sunday, Nov. 9th.

We hope you all had a happy and slightly spooky Halloween!



P.S. The movie that was shown at the Stephen King party was The Mist. Let me just say, I do not recommend this movie to Mommies. I cried at the end and left with a terrible feeling in my gut. Before I was a Mommy, I might have thought the movie was gripping and interesting. But as Isaac’s Mommy, I found it heartbreaking. Just an FYI to my Mommy friends.

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