Hanging Out in Bed … till whenever.

The bed seems to be our hang out spot for the past few days. So much snow … so much wind … keeps us inside – cuddling, reading, playing make-believe, and watching the Smurfs – all from the bed. So yummy.

Occasionally we head out into the world, with lots of winter gear, and that feels good too. But there really is nothing like a day or two in bed … bodies pressed up against one another … enjoying all the goodness of one-on-one time together. Oh … and the reading … well let me tell you …

My new favorite book is Robin McKinley’s The Hero and the Crown. Wow. I couldn’t put it down. The writing is rich and beautiful. The story is so engaging. And the heroine is so complex that I felt I knew her personally by the end of the book — and longed to learn more about her next adventures. Sadly, there is no “Part 2” to this great book. However, there is a book that McKinley wrote, The Blue Sword, that is set in the same city … 500 years after the reign of Aerin (the heroine of The Hero and the Crown). So, immediately after completing the first book, I drove straight to Borders to pick up The Blue Sword … with which I am already having a hard time putting down.

As for Isaac, he is having a great time reading some Robert Munsch books. Hilarious stuff. We keep several Munsch books here because they are truly funny … but also because the characters involved are often non-traditional families. For instance, in Andrew’s Loose Tooth the main character, Andrew, is a young white boy … while his sisters are both black … his Mommy is brown skinned and his Daddy is white. Nothing is said of their differences … they are just your everyday average family going through a loose tooth crisis. And that is so good for Isaac to see.

Well, I better go read more of The Blue Sword. I also purchased some back-up books in case the weather continues to keep us inside. Here is hoping for spring … but I fear it is still a long way off.

Even the dogs are keeping to the indoors …

Hoping you have warm & lovely weather where you are. Or that you at least have a great book.



Jodi Renshaw

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