Monthly Archives: June 2009


I woke up this morning and figured it was time for a sale. I am creating way more of these upcycled Golden Book journals than I have room for (it is quite addicting!). So, I thought I would do a little summer cleaning … and hold a sale: 3 journals for just $30 plus shipping […]

What I’ve Been Up to Lately:

1. Photographing lupines. 2. Anticipating this new Disney Movie: The Princess and the Frog … the first Disney movie to feature a “black” princess and prince. WAY over due. 3. Thinking of ways to cut up these amazing vintage goodwill finds in order to make magnets and pins for my shop: (and maybe frame a […]

The Richness of Summer.

I am having such a hard time sitting down to this computer to write blog posts. I mean – there is plenty going on that is worth mentioning, discussing and sharing … but man … that sun … the greenery … the warm spring breezes … and the bleating goats are constantly calling to me. […]