For Halis. And You.

Dave Matthews is constantly writing up songs that speak to me or for me. I even told him so once. I met him. I chatted with him and even shared some coffee. Its true. I wish I could say that we are friends … but that chat was our sole connection. At least so far 🙂 And it was wonderful.

Again – his new album speaks to me. I can’t imagine a song written by him that wouldn’t. Even Isaac is tuned in to Dave (though his favorite song is Gravedigger – he even loves the video … which is a whole other story … as he came to love this song after attending his first funeral and learning about death from Mommy … its actually a healthy thing … I swear).

Well – I found this video today (don’t know why it took me so long) and realized that it makes me feel happy … like … I want to sing it out loud to Halis. It is a love song to be sure … but it is also greater than that … the video shows something more … and I love it … ENJOY:

(I wish I could embed it, but YouTube won’t let me … brats).

Enjoy the song, video and your weekend. And remember, leave a comment on any post from this week (my birthday week!) and you will be entered into a giveaway for a Bday gift from me.


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