I Like You: Chocolate Chip “Somethings”.

Well, Amy calls this recipe, “Chocolate Chip Cookies“. And they should have become that… if I hadn’t have skipped out on a very important step. See, I had all the ingredients.

Even organic sugar, organic vanilla, Maine-made butter, and eggs that came straight from our backyard hens.

(See the rich orange yolk? That is one fresh egg!)

Isaac and I even measured everything perfectly.

And we mixed all the ingredients in the exact same order that Amy instructed. We even used a kick-a$$ KitchenAid mixer. (A wedding gift from 1995 – that is still in top form).

We thought we followed all the instructions necessary to make some ‘killer’ cookies. We waited anxiously by the oven … eating leftover chocolate chips … and licking spoons (when the eggs come from my hens, we lick the batter with wild abandon – salmonella be damned).

But … when we finally opened the oven door to retrieve the fruits of our labor … well … this is sort of what Isaac’s face looked like …

… because this is what we were faced with …

… not quite the cookies that were pictured in Amy’s book.

However, it turns out that this chocolate-chip-cookie-turned-pancake predicament was not Amy’s fault what-so-ever. Rather, it seems that I missed a very crucial step in cookie batter making. One must CHILL the batter before baking. Did you know this? Apparently I didn’t. And my Mom is a baker. For real. It’s her job and has been for like 20+ years. Hmmm.

We scraped these ‘cookies’ off the pan anyway — and ate them as though we meant to create a bread pudding style chocolate chip concoction. They were just as tasty – I swear. But picture worthy they are not.

I am thinking that if this ever happened to Amy – she would mold the moist cookie crumbles in to some fantastic sculpture — likely that of a squirrel or rabbit (read the book). But I felt so defeated by my lack of acing the most basic of baking recipes … that I could not conjure up any humor in it. Amy would have though. I know it.

I know now that I will need to return to this recipe again soon. I feel the need to master it before heading on to such lofty goals as Mr. Mace’s Mushroom Casserole.

So, if you are following this “Amy Sedaris: I Like You. Blog Series” in order to gain some serious Martha Stewart type cooking & entertaining tips … I have nothing for you. Apparently, at the age of 36, I can’t even get cookies right. But if you would like to follow me on this journey of self-discovery through baking/cooking/entertaining … then by all means come along for the ride. It seems as though it is going to be an interesting one.

Jodi Renshaw

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