Yesterday: In Pictures.

Well, say “Hello” to Sherman …

and his crazy brother, Zack …

These are the newest members of our family. And if you have ever heard me talk about cats before, you are in shock right now. Yes, I have gone to the dark side …  ever since Miss Lyra came into our lives … I must confess … I love cats. (Blech … I can’t even believe I said that publicly! So sappy.)

Yesterday, these two took to watching the seagulls gather on top of my parents’ garage.
And they got plenty of sleep ….

Isaac played and played and played with them for hours upon hours. Truly. Thus their need for sleep. He loves them so. After 5 days of cuddling cats at the Bangor Humane Society, Isaac chose these two brothers. And I am certain it was the absolute best choice.

Even Miss Lyra has come to like at least one of them (Sherman). We think he is her boyfriend (K-I-S-S-I-N-G). She watches everything he does and even puts on shows for him … shamelessly rolling all over the floor to get his attention. Oh yeah, she’s got it bad for him.

And though Isaac suffered from a head cold and fever yesterday … he played some music for his kitties … and even managed to get some school work done. 

Me? I decorated a bit for Christmas … with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree Daddy gets every year from his land up north. Notice the Gingerbread Man “star”. I am decorating the tree with all silver cookie cutters this year … and occasional mittens … as these cannot be broken by the crazy 10 month old cats that now reside in our home.

So, that was how some of our yesterday was spent … playing with kittens … decorating for Christmas … sleeping, etc. (Though what you don’t see pictured here are the hours I spent post-processing much over due pictures for clients … cleaning the house … dyeing my hair, etc.)
How did you spend your yesterday?

Jodi Renshaw

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