It’s Official x2.

As of dinner time this evening, it has become official, I am no longer a vegetarian. I ate both chicken and moose tenderloin this evening. I’d say that qualifies me as a meat eater. But please note … the chicken was raised here on our own modest farm and the moose was killed by our good friend, Johnny. In other words, no factory farmed meat was ingested … I can feel very good about that.

So, one might wonder how I felt about it, especially given that the last time I ate red meat was when I was 18 years old ( I am now 33). Well, in truth, it was simply “okay”. I don’t think I have really missed much over these past 15 years. However, I think my body will thank me for it, as my carb intake has given me a robust and possibly less than healthy figure. And there is plenty more moose and chicken in the freezer. So, we’ll see …

Also, my Etsy store is “official”. It can be found at I hope you will check it out … but please note that it has not been well stocked yet!!! I have LOTS more goodies to post but haven’t gotten around to it because I have been busy creating even more goodies 🙂

Like this set of 6 “Early Bird Gets The Worm” placemats…

These are so darn cute that I really want to keep them! But alas, I shall part with them on Etsy soon. These were made with vintage fabrics and from my own original design. I think I may continue to use this bird design on some kids clothing and other kitchen projects.

Thanks for looking!



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