Country Living.

First off, I had to show you all this picture of Isaac taken right before we left for a day of thrifting in Bangor. Is he not the coolest kid you’ve ever seen (besides your own)? That hat … well, he kept it on all day! He loves it. Every where he goes he gets compliments on it, so he figures it is worth wearing. I am just *crazy* for this picture. It reflects his personality … very self-assured, gregarious and oh so good-looking. What a little man! Ahhh… I could stare at him all day… and sometimes do 🙂

Anyway, on to our topic … “Country Living”. As most of you know, we live in a very rural part of Maine. And though I am hoping to move to the “city” sometime soon, I am still so in love with the slow and steady pace of the country. We have created a peaceful life out here that I think many kids are sorely lacking. And my son enjoys all the animals that can be found here … along with the rocks, trees, and big sky. The other day, instead of bringing toys to bed with him (as he often does), he brought a handful of sticks … which was a little unnerving for Mommy and Daddy as we all co-sleep but thankfully no one poked an eye out. Anyway, he enjoys nature so much, that he takes it to bed with him. And I LOVE that. So, we still have a lot of thinking to do about where we ultimately want to raise our kids.

This weekend, we asked our neighbor if we could drop by to see some of her animals. She has SO many sweet and spoiled critters … and the kids just love to get close to them. Sandy, and her husband, Rob, are living the country life that they had always dreamed of. They moved up here from Southern New England to buy a farm, raise animals, ride tractors, and enjoy “the good life”. Their farm is wonderful and we are glad to have them here.

Here are some pictures from our morning spent walking over to the neighbor’s house …

Also, later the same day, Meg, Isaac and I all attended our friend Rose’s Birthday party … which I will blog about here very soon. Rose lives across the street from a horse farm. We often visit these horses to bring them carrots and apples, but we are very rarely there when the farmer is feeding them. On this day, not only was the farmer there, but he also allowed us to get very close to the horses. So, here is a photo of Meg … completely enthralled by the majestic horse…

Of course, Meaghan was thrilled. And like every 10-year old girl on the planet …. it took her less than two minutes to start the discussion of getting her own horse “someday” (which means: “Can I please have one tomorrow?”).

Anyway, “Country Living” is good … and we may enjoy it for a while longer before relocating elsewhere. But who knows? I may change my mind tomorrow 🙂



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