Reliving the Joy and Wonder of Childhood Through Books.

Over the weekend, Meaghan read through a couple of books that she absolutely adored. She expressed sadness in finishing them. She didn’t want the stories to be over. I remember that feeling from when I was a little girl. There were stories in my own life that I never wanted to end because it felt like those friends would now be gone for good. But of course, I now know that those characters stay with you long after you finish the last chapter … and sometimes they stay forever.

Meaghan now had me curious as to the characters and stories that she didn’t want to leave or have end. So, I decided to read her recent favorite, The Giants and the Joneses. I never before thought of exploring her literary world. Now I am so glad that I did. I almost forgot how wonderful it is to just jump into a completely fantastical world with stories that are expressed through the thoughts and feelings of a child. There is such purity, wonder and fantasy in children’s literature.

I do read Harry Potter and am currently feeling some anxiety over the release of the last book. So, I am not sure why I haven’t thought to explore other fiction created for children … but now I will. Of course, the Harry Potter series has plenty of adult themes and can be some what “dark” … so when I read them, I really don’t feel as though I am reading children’s lit. However, with The Giants and the Joneses I knew I was reading a very sweet, adolescent, fantastical, touching story that was meant to celebrate the purity and wonderment of childhood. And it felt so good to be in that world, if only for a brief time. So, I plan to seek more children’s books to bring me back into that world … again and again … so that I never forget those feelings.

(Thank you Meg.)



Jodi Renshaw

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