Daddy’s on Vacation So We Are Off to the Beach!

Hooray, Daddy is on vacation! I absolutely live for these vacation weeks. It is only during these random three weeks per year that we get Halis all to ourselves … and it is a great feeling. He is such an incredible man, wonderful Daddy and amazing husband. And I have a wicked “thing” for the way he never shaves while on vacation … gives him that yummy pirate-look 🙂

So, we went to Lincolnville, Maine for beach day #1 (hopefully there will be more). And at one point, we had the beach all to ourselves. We like that.

It was a lovely day. These are the days that we will all long remember. Thank God we live by the sea. I don’t know how I could live without it.

By the end of the day, we were all ready to eat some local seafood at the nearby Lobster Pound Take-Out. And as an added bonus to our day, we ate at the table right next to Genie Francis and Jonathan Frakes (see Boston Globe photo below – click on it to read a recent article about their move to Belfast, Maine).

I didn’t recognize Genie at first, but then I saw her smiling at Isaac while he was dancing in the restaurant, and I thought, “I know her… she’s Laura from General Hospital… I grew up watching her almost daily!” Then when I saw her husband, I again knew that I knew him as well, but couldn’t quite place it. It was funny, because I kept having this feeling that Genie would eventually recognize me…. as though somehow she could have seen me watching her on television for all those years. I was just a young girl of maybe 10-years old, so “Laura” felt like such a big part of my childhood. Halis kept thinking that I should say something to her, but that is SO not the Yankee way. We leave our “stars” alone and that is why they move here. But it was nice to see her and her family. A nostalgic ending to a wonderful beach day.



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