Decisions, Decisions. Oh, the Heartache of Indecision.

For those who may not have read my earlier post on the subject … we bred our Australian Shepherd, Jack, to a lovely fellow Aussie named Sydney. She resides with another family who gave us first pick of the litter as part of the breeding deal. We have decided to choose a male … and there are 2 to choose from (there are 5 females). And here are the handsome blokes:

Which of these two beauties should we add to our family? I am agonizing over this decision. Halis wants one and I want the other. But both of us would likely be very happy with either of them. They are just darling.

The puppy on the top is very calm, mild mannered and quite hefty. He is the “fat” one in the bunch and the family he lives with refers to him as “Pork Chop”. He has one blue eye and one brown. And he has some merle on his back and his legs. He submits as soon as you place him on his back. Very docile.

The puppy on the bottom was the first born. He has also been the first to do everything else, too. He is the rambunctious one of the litter. He has crystal blue eyes, like Jack. And he has the most striking fur coloring of the litter. Just gorgeous. He refuses to submit when you place him on his back. Very dominant.

So, what do you all think??? And even more curious, which one do you think Halis prefers and which one do you think I prefer? That certainly makes for an interesting question!



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