I Just Love Vintage Clothing Patterns.

Apparently, for quite some time, my Mother-in-Law sewed nearly all of her children’s clothing as well as her own. During her estate sale, we found piles of used patterns stashed away in a box. And now, as I look through Halis’s baby/toddler pictures, I recognize that so much of what he wore was made by his Mommy. I love that. I want to be that kind of Mommy too.

I must admit though, that buying kids clothes at yard sales for 50 cents is much more economical than creating my own. But maybe I can make just a few things for Isaac and myself. (I did make him that Turkish Tunic that I am so darn proud of). So, I went through that pile of patterns and picked out way-more-than-a-handful patterns to take home and try. And here is just a very small sampling of the ones that I took:

I am just wild for all these vintage patterns and can’t wait to try them. And here is the bonus … my Mother-in-Law was the same size as me when she was my age! So, the patterns for me are just perfect. Well, I suppose Halis might argue against them being “just perfect” as he thinks some of them are hideous. Like this one:

And I absolutely LOVE it. I just love that era of clothing. And this may be one of the first things I make for myself, including the matching headpiece. Sure, I may not wear it to the mall (for one because I don’t go to the mall) but I think it would be so cool to wear around the house.

And how sweet are these bell-bottomed giraffe overalls? Isaac will thank me for them later, right?

So, I will be busy something of these goodies – I hope. And the whole family may soon be outfitted like the Brady Bunch. Good times!

Jodi Renshaw

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