My Birthday Wish List.

I love my birthday! I love that it is my own unique day of coming into the world. And I often pretend that I was the only person ever born on this day, as it is mine, all mine 🙂 I love the cool brisk air and the brilliantly colored trees that surround my special day. I love the special way that my husband kisses me on the morning of my birthday. I love it all. And soon – maybe in a year or two, I will fall in love with the very special birthday cards that my son will make me.
As it turns out, my birthday is this Sunday. I usually make a quite a big deal out of it on most years, and I always perform the same ritual each year … a drive into Orono to drink a latte at Ampersands. Then a quick drive over to a nearby park on the river, where i sit on my favorite rock and just think about my past, present and future. Then as I head back to my car, I take a few photographs of the fall foliage and grab a few gorgeous leaves for my scrapbook. That’s it. Simple, but sweet …and again, mine all mine 🙂
This year, I am hoping to do the same even though our lives have been consumed by my parents fire and our getting ready to move. And usually, I also have a birthday party here at the house. But this year, that is definitely not going to happen. So, I thought I might indulge myself in creating a birthday wish list … and maybe Halis and I can take the time to pick one out for me. So here goes:
I would love to be blessed with the following goodies:

Gocco Japanese Printing Press for Paper & Fabric
Can be found at here and here.

And can be learned about here.

An industrial snap press. Though I really don’t know where to find one. I have found plenty of grommet presses, but that is not what I am looking for. The tool shown above is the snap press.

I have her companion book: Last-Minute Fabric Gifts and would love to try out this one.

Can be found here.

This gorgeous handmade necklace charm by an incredible Etsy artist.

The Ultimate Screen Printing Kit. Can be seen here.

Not a bad list, eh?

So, although there will be no party … and although my husband has not had a single moment to even think about my birthday, I think I am going to indulge in one or more of the above items — to celebrate another year of living and the anniversary of the day my Momma brought me into this world 🙂

Thank you Mom. And thank you Universe for the good life I have been blessed with. And thank you, Me, for the awesome gift that you are soon going to bestow upon yourself 🙂



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