Inspiration: Chief Mankiller

Many years ago I read this great book by and about an Indian chief who achieved amazing things for her people against incredible odds. Her story was such an inspiration to me. At that time I was just beginning my journey into womanhood … I had just left home to get married … and I had no clue yet about the wonder, beauty and power of women. Chief Mankiller , and many other inspirational female authors, helped to initiate my self-exploration into what it meant to be a woman, a wife, a mother, a member of my community, etc.

And today, by divine intervention, I came across the following quote:

When people cease waiting for great leaders or prophets to solve entrenched problems and look, instead, within themselves – trusting their own thinking, believing in their own power – and to their families and communities for solutions, change will follow. In traditional indigenous communities, there is an understanding that our lives play themselves out within a set of reciprocal relationships. If each human being in the world could fully understand that we all are interdependent and responsible for one another, it would save the world.” ~ Wilma Mankiller

I am now reminded of the power of me (& you), of the beauty of the reciprocal relationships I (we) share with so many others, and of my (our) responsibility to the whole of humanity. I was thankful to have found it today, and thought I would pass along the book title that inspired me so many years ago …

Mankiller: A Chief and Her People

Much Love,

Jodi Renshaw

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Jodi is a homeschooling Mom, a photographer, a wife, and a proud resident of the city of Bangor. She spends part of her time working at a locally-owned shop in the downtown area, part of her time homeschooling her favorite young man, and most of her time behind a camera lens. She often writes about adoption, family life, homeschooling, and community.