Try Some Paper Crafts.

I have always enjoyed working with fabric. It comes in so many colors, textures, themes, etc. I love collecting it, cutting it, touching it (oh, I love the touching šŸ™‚ and sewing it. But I had no idea, until recently, that working with paper could be so satisfying as well. I think I have found a new obsession … I mean, hobby.

It all started with a simple snowflake book:

I bought it for $9.95 on Amazon…. and have been making snowflakes almost daily since! When I use a pattern in this book, I get a quick and beautiful result from paper and a just a few snips with the scissors. Not a bad way to spend 10 minutes. Now these snowflakes are taking over our house…

But it doesn’t end there. I went on to buy this book as well:

I am having such fun with it. There are some amazing patterns in this book – and all are easily accomplished by anyone (that means you!) with some paper, sharp scissors and an exacto-knife. There are dragons, snowflakes, animals of all kinds, people, large scenes and small, etc… Truly something for everyone – at every level. Here was my very first attempt at cutting a pattern from this book:

No doubt – these little chickies will be multiplying all over the house this Easter.

Ahhh … but of course, my paper obsession continued to grow, so I picked up this amazing book as well:

It has become an absolute favorite. I had been visiting this author’s blog for quite some time, but though I admired her artwork, I assumed it was beyond my capabilities. Then I bought her book … and I am taking such pleasure in creating personal collages… and lovin’ the results:

She uses fabric in her collages as well (a step I haven’t yet taken), so crafting in this way may be the ultimate blending of my two favorite materials. Oh, and paint is certainly alot of fun as well!

So, for those who have written me in the past, to say that they admire my sewing because they themselves are not “crafty”, I say … phooey.. you are wrong. We are all crafty, we all have art to share … and perhaps you may want to start expressing yourself with some snowflakes … and then move on from there šŸ™‚


Love, Jodi

P.S. More papercrafting books are on their way to my mailbox (of course), so I will be sure to offer up more ideas as I receive them šŸ™‚

Jodi Renshaw

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