The Gocco Swap.

Many posts ago, I shared that I was creating some Gocco prints for my very first Gocco swap (actually, they were also my very first Gocco prints). This swap was hosted (and well organized) by Lisa over at the The Bunny Log Blog. Lisa’s Gocco swap was the impetus I needed to finally get over my fear of new equipment, dust off the brand new Gocco — and finally put it to use. I am so glad I did. I mean REALLY glad I did. You should see the bounty of Gocco goodness that arrived in my mailbox in return for the humble 58 handmade gocco postcards I sent in to Lisa.

I can show you some of the wonderful contributions here, but am thinking that you really can’t know just how great these cards are until you hold them in your hands. So much talent and diversity. Each card created by hand on a table top screenprinting machine. So personal.

For example, here is Lisa showing sharing the process of the two prints that she created for the swap. Great stuff! And here is a link to the Flickr group of swap participants. More great stuff!

Anyway, not everyone has a Gocco in order to participate in such an exchange … and in all truth, they are becoming much harder to come by given that the company (in Japan) is apparently (word keeps changing) no longer making them. BUT one can find some incredible Gocco prints for sale on Etsy. Here are a few great shops that I have found:

Remember, all these shops are selling handmade, local, environmentally friendly, low-cost, and lovely goodies for your Holiday gifting. So, feel good about that 🙂

I may offer some Gocco prints in my shop soon as well — so please check there sometime soon as well. (Or offer me some suggestions on what gocco related goodies you’d like to see).

Do you own a Gocco? If so, please share your goodies or links in the comment section. Do you love Gocco? Well, share that as well! Confused about what a Gooco is? See here.



P.S. LAURIE – you won the Stephen King giveaway. Please contact me with your address asap. Thanks 🙂

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