Monthly Archives: February 2009

Finding a Pet for Isaac.

For a long while, Isaac has been asking for a pet fish. Halis and I have always thought this was a great idea. A fish is something that Isaac could easily take care of without much help from Mommy and Daddy … and he would certainly learn lessons in responsibility, compassion, etc. So yesterday, while […]

I’ve Taken the Plunge.

I have taken the plunge … into the photography world … of those who hope to sell their art. I have always been very shy about selling my photos … insecure that others won’t find my work as lovely as I do. And that may happen … but I am jumping in anyway. Here is […]

New Toy.

Daddy made me a new toy for me this weekend, and I cannot get enough of it. Addiction would be an appropriate word here. Daddy rocks and he knows it. After some scouting around on Google for the perfect plans to make a light box for photographing small items, he came up with this: So […]


Another very exciting part of our recent trip to Disney World, was meeting up with our “Orlando” cousins there … my cousin Nicole and her sweet baby Adina. Nicole and her husband Murry just adopted Adina from Khazahstan … and though they have been home with her for several months, we still had yet to […]

Playing With Layers : On Picnik. just keeps getting better and better. It is an online “photoshop” … and can be used for free … in its most basic form. To get maximum benefit, one only needs to pay $19.95 a year (I do). Lately, I have been using it to try out some photo layering and am having so […]