Seeking Structure.

Throughout my life, I have struggled with “structure.” That is not to say that I don’t get things done – I do. Maybe I even get too much done. My mind is always roaming … I never sleep … and I am always starting on new ventures in crafting, photography, homeschooling, business, blogging, charity, family projects, farm additions, etc. I have this one life (so far as I know) and I want to fill it with everything that interests me — all the time. And for the most part, my lack of “structure” suits me. It keeps me jumping from venture to venture without worry for failure … because I know that my mind works in a circular direction … and that I will always come back to the places that I have “left off”.

BUT — I do crave structure. Always have. And since lack-of-structure seems to work for me — I am not certain why.

So, here is my “structure-situation” as it pertains to this blog. I want to give it a schedule of sorts — something for readers to rely on. I have seen other blogs do this effectively and wonder whether it can work here.

First, the premise of this blog maybe somewhat vague — but the content contained within is meant to assist & inspire every reader to create their unique, authentic, HANDMADE LIFE. And by handmade, I don’t necessarily mean “arts & crafts” … more along the lines of YOU are the CREATOR of your life (with the assistance of your maker 🙂 . And it is my contention that trying to live YOUR MOST AUTHENTIC LIFE may require any number of the following:

* living outside the “box” a.k.a. the “norm” – avoiding society’s pressures on what our lives should be

* getting back to basics – living more simply

* creating abundance all around you in whatever forms you wish

* finding & creating supportive communities of people who live lives by their own design as well

* nurturing ourselves and our families so that we may each live our best life – in support of one another

* expressing ourselves through various forms of art, music and sports

* supporting others in their unique ventures – and learning from their triumphs and setbacks

* sharing our talents (& generosity) with the world

* teaching our children to think outside the box as well – nurturing everything they are and want to become

* creating our own home-based, creative economies – supporting the trades of others while extending our own talents for profit as well

* appreciating all that we are, all that we have — and all the beauty that others bring into our lives

* seeking out and nurturing our spiritual growth — collectively or separately

* working to fulfill our every dream & desire
How is that for starters?

Those are the things I think about when I share on this blog. These are the avenues in which I hope to better explore and share. However, I feel a nudge to incorporate some structure to the presentation of the notions expressed above. For example, could each day of the week speak to a different way in which to live “This Handmade Life”?

Would a schedule similar to the following be a way in which to reign in my thoughts / shares / etc? Would it be welcome by my readers? What do you think:

Make-it Monday
(tutorials, recipes, crafts, etc for creating your own)

Thoughtful Tuesday

(reflections on life, parenting, farming, etc)

Wordless Wednesday
(sharing photographs or art to inspire – my own & that of others)

Thrifty Thursday
(frugal ideas, thrifty finds, ways to create something from nothing, etc)

Funny Friday
(videos & stories to make you smile and or crack up laughing)

Shopping Saturday
(sales pitches & reviews for products made by others who are creating their own home-based, environmentally friendly businesses to support their own Handmade Lives)

Inspirational Sunday
(stories, photographs & videos to inspire your own spiritual path)
And as for ways to give to your greater community (and thus give more to yourself than you could have previously imagined) … I long ago created a website called Give to Begin to Live that will be associated with this blog. I have yet to “put it out into the Universe” … but please feel free to check it out (please start by reading the Mission Statement“) and let me know what you think – or better yet – what you would like to add to it.

Pretty wordy post – I know. Perhaps some pretty lofty ideas too. But I Believe. And I would like to see this blog become a base for some real lively discussion on many of the ideas I have presented … as well as a place for people to come to for inspiration and sharing.

Please let me know what you think via Blog Comments.

Thank you so much for being part of this blog … and of my life 🙂


Jodi Renshaw

About Jodi Renshaw

Jodi is a homeschooling Mom, a photographer, a wife, and a proud resident of the city of Bangor. She spends part of her time working at a locally-owned shop in the downtown area, part of her time homeschooling her favorite young man, and most of her time behind a camera lens. She often writes about adoption, family life, homeschooling, and community.