Cloud 9.

I am on Cloud 9. Seriously. Whatever “bliss” is … I am in it. I am giddy all over my body to the point where I am shaking as I type this … and I just finished crying tears of joy. Now, once you hear what has caused me such elation … please don’t think me gluttonous or absurd. I am still very well aware of the pains that Haiti is enduring … and will continue to do all I can for the people I love in Haiti, as well as all the Haitian people. But, I cannot help but to be so excited at the possibility of a certain something that I just discovered … a treat that I am definitely going to allow myself … and my family.

Ok — I just discovered that the world of Harry Potter has now been “brought to life” by the genius of Universal Studios in Orlando. Hogwarts is no longer an imaginary castle … it is now as real as it will ever be. And when I saw the videos about it … I shook with joy. My greatest fantasy has been brought to life! (Okay, I have a few other fantasies, some of which include Orlando Bloom in his pirate attire — but that is not going to happen — except when Halis does a little “role-playing’ for me). But this fantasy is now a reality and I am blown away! I am a faithful Harry Potter fan to the maximum … and am one of those people who has uttered the words … “Oh, how I wish Hogwarts was a real place that I could visit.” From my lips to God’s ears 🙂

So, you have GOT TO see this place. Go to the site, watch the videos, the interviews about the park with the characters of the movies, etc. Even a non-Harry Potter fan will have to be amazed at the work that has gone into this. AMAZING!!!

So, I am going to save my pennies … get busy with some portrait gigs, craft away for my Etsy store, etc … all to help me get to my personal “Cloud 9” … and when I get there, I will be so excited to do the following:

1. Find & purchase the perfect wand for me at Ollivander’s.

2. Enjoy some Butterbear at Hogmeads with the family.

3. Seek the perfect joke gift at Zonko’s Joke Shop.

4. Visit Hagrid’s Hut to take a ride on his Hippogriff.

5. Try on some school uniforms at Dervish and Bangles.

6. Check out some Death Eater masks and other “confiscated goods” at Filch’s Emporium.

7. Get my fix of Chocolate Frogs at HoneyDukes.

8. Send some Owl Posts from the authentic Owl Post Office — to some very lucky friends!

9. Stroll the halls of Hogwarts! (Where I may pass out from the excitement of it all).

10. And MAYBE take a dragon ride on the “Dueling Dragons”.

Seriously guys … I cannot even begin to explain to you how excited I am at the possibility of doing all these things … while walking through the streets of this amazing replica of Harry Potter’s world. Me … and every adolescent (and adult trying to relive their adolescence) in the World!

Ok — so, there it is. I am a total dork. But a youthful … easily excitable … fun-loving dork. And frankly, my son thinks he has the coolest Mom in the world because of it. Hopefully, sometime this fall, we will afford to make my fantasy come true … that I shall purchase my very own wand at Ollivander’s before heading into Hogwarts for some *magic*. Until then, we will be working on our British accents, sewing up some required Hogwarts uniforms, and practising some of our spells … all to create the most authentic Harry Potter experience possible. I think I shall go as Molly Weasley, Isaac as Harry (or Dobby the House Elf), Halis as Snape (my fave character).

Wow – this is SO WAY BEYOND Awesome.

Any other 30-somethings out there who are on Cloud 9 over a Harry Potter theme park???



Jodi Renshaw

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